Cannabis Tourism: Best Destinations for Enthusiasts in 2024

by | May 31, 2024 | Guides

Cannabis tourism is flourishing, and 2024 offers an array of exciting destinations for those keen to explore cultures where cannabis is not only accepted but celebrated. From the historic coffee shops of Amsterdam to the sunlit dispensaries of Colorado, this guide explores the world’s best spots for cannabis enthusiasts, providing a glimpse into the unique experiences that these destinations offer. Whether you’re interested in tours, festivals, or culinary events centered around cannabis, this guide ensures you know where to go and how to responsibly enjoy the bounty of cannabis-friendly locales.


Amsterdam, Netherlands: The Pioneer


No discussion of cannabis tourism is complete without mentioning Amsterdam. Known worldwide for its liberal coffee shop culture, Amsterdam has been a pioneer in cannabis tolerance and tourism. Visitors can explore hundreds of coffee shops, each offering a unique vibe and an extensive menu of strains. Beyond the smoke, the city hosts the annual Cannabis Cup, a festival where enthusiasts gather to celebrate and judge the finest strains from around the world. For those looking to deepen their knowledge, the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum provides a detailed look at the history and uses of cannabis.


Colorado, USA: The Rocky Mountain High


Colorado was one of the first U.S. states to legalize recreational cannabis, and it has since developed a robust tourism industry around it. Denver, the capital, is home to numerous dispensaries offering tours that showcase the growing and production processes. The state also hosts the 420 Festival, an annual event every April that draws thousands. For those who enjoy combining nature and cannabis, there are numerous “bud and breakfasts” that offer cannabis-friendly lodging along with outdoor activities in the stunning surroundings of the Rocky Mountains.


California, USA: Diverse Cannabis Culture


California’s cannabis scene is as diverse as its landscape. From the lush, expansive grow-ops in Northern California’s Emerald Triangle to the trendy dispensaries of Los Angeles, there is something for every cannabis enthusiast. San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury neighborhood still echoes with the remnants of the 1960s hippie culture and offers numerous cannabis-centric attractions. California also leads in cannabis culinary experiences, with world-class chefs creating cannabis-infused menus that showcase local flavors.


Vancouver, Canada: A Growing Hub


Since Canada legalized cannabis in 2018, Vancouver has emerged as a key destination for cannabis tourists. The city offers cannabis-friendly yoga classes, spa treatments, and boat tours. Each summer, Vancouver hosts the Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo, where industry professionals, consumers, and curious visitors can explore the latest in cannabis technology and strains. The city’s liberal attitude and scenic beauty make it an ideal spot for those looking to enjoy cannabis in a relaxed, welcoming environment.


Uruguay: Trailblazing in South America


Uruguay made history in 2013 as the first country to completely legalize cannabis. Montevideo, the capital, doesn’t have the commercial dispensaries familiar to visitors from the U.S. or Canada. Instead, cannabis is distributed through registered clubs and pharmacies, offering a different model of cannabis access. This setup provides a unique look into a non-commercialized facet of cannabis culture. While there, visitors can enjoy the laid-back beaches along with local strains that are rarely found outside of the country.


Tips for Responsible Cannabis Tourism


Exploring the world of cannabis tourism requires a responsible approach to ensure both legality and safety. Here are some key tips for the mindful traveler:

  • Know the local laws: Cannabis laws can vary dramatically between places and ignorance of the law is not a defense. Always research local cannabis regulations to ensure compliance.
  • Respect local culture: Not everyone in cannabis-friendly destinations uses or approves of cannabis. Be considerate of local residents and norms, especially in public spaces.
  • Consume safely: Especially when trying new strains or edibles, start with a low dose, and go slow. Be aware of your reactions, particularly in unfamiliar environments.
  • Travel sober: While exploring, it’s wise to stay clear-headed. Save any cannabis experiences for when you’re safely back at your accommodation.


In Closing


Cannabis tourism in 2024 offers enriching experiences across the globe, from the streets of Amsterdam to the beaches of Uruguay. Each destination not only offers high-quality cannabis but also an opportunity to dive into local traditions and innovations surrounding this ancient plant. As the global perspective on cannabis continues to evolve, so too does the promise of new destinations and experiences for cannabis enthusiasts to explore responsibly.

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